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On the website www.1001hry.cz (hereinafter: the Website) you can play games, mark games as favorite and track your recently played games.

To be able to make use of everything our website has to offer, you have to respect some rules. These rules and other rights and obligations of 1001hry.cz are described below. Please read the following terms of use of 1001hry.cz therefore carefully.

1001hry.cz is part of Admeen B.V., registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under number 08154287.

Clause 1. When the Terms of Use will apply.

The Terms of Use are applicable to the agreement between 1001hry.cz and every User of the Website. This includes in any case playing game.

Everyone who concludes the contract with 1001hry.cz, everyone who plays games on the Website is a User of the Website. The User can be a natural person or a legal entity.

These Terms of Use do not apply to third party websites. The Website contains links to third party websites. It is obvious that you will have left www.1001hry.cz if you've clicked on a link to a third party website. The moment you've left www.1001hry.cz the conditions of the providers of that third party website will apply. We therefore recommend that you should read the conditions applying there carefully.

Clause 2. Formation of the contract

The contract comes into effect by your making use, as the User, of the Website.

Clause 3. The conditions for using the Website

To be allowed to use the Website you must be at least 16 years old or have permission from your parents or legal representative (hereinafter: Parents). This is also pointed out to you on the Website. 1001hry.cz will therefore assume that all Users are at least 16 years old or are making use of the Website with the consent of their Parents.

1001hry.cz has the right to adjust the software of 1001hry.cz from time to time to improve the functionality and to correct errors.

You will refrain from unauthorized use of the Website and you will adopt an attitude and behave in conformity with what may be expected by 1001hry.cz from a User who uses the Website with due care. This means in any case that you are not allowed to use the Website for personal gain or to cause the Website to suffer any damage.

If you nevertheless act in contravention of these Terms of Use, 1001hry.cz will have the right to refuse you, to remove you and to deny you / to block your access to the Website and its facilities.

Clause 4. Intellectual Property

The Website contains many games. The games on the Website of 1001hry.cz are protected by copyright. These rights are usually owned by 1001hry.cz or the suppliers of 1001hry.cz. In the latter case we have permission from the suppliers to post the games. In some cases, however, we have not succeeded in discovering the owner of the copyright. If you are the legal owner of a game and did not give your consent, you can always make use of our Notice & Takedown procedure (see also clause 10).

1001hry.cz also posts direct links (deep links) to games on third party websites. If you object against a direct link to your game you can make use of our Notice & Takedown procedure.

As a user you only have the right to play the games on the Website.

There is one exception to the above rule. 1001hry.cz contains (among others) games made by Admeen B.V.. The games of Admeen may be copied and re-published on the following conditions: The copied games are published on a games website, the games are not adjusted, the logos applied are not deleted. Admeen B.V. .may withdraw the above permission without giving reasons for it.

The appearance and composition of the Website are also protected by intellectual property rights owned by 1001hry.cz. You are not allowed to copy anything without permission from 1001hry.cz.

Clause 5. Maintenance and modifications of the Website

1001hry.cz reserves the right to temporarily close down the Website or parts of the Website for maintenance, upgrading or improving of the Website and servers of 1001hry.cz. 1001hry.cz will never owe any compensation for damage to you or any other User because of such taking out of service of the Website or parts thereof.

Clause 6. Liability

1001hry.cz is not liable for any damage suffered by User on whatever account, nor for any consequential damages, loss of your profile and / or of the associated data or for any immaterial damage.

1001hry.cz is not liable for any form of damage suffered by visiting third party websites.

1001hry.cz does its utmost to ensure that no inappropriate games, advertisements will be on the Website. However, it is not possible to monitor everything and 1001hry.cz does not always have control over the ads. 1001hry.cz therefore accepts no liability for any damage suffered by you as a result of such information being present. You can always contact 1001hry.cz, if you encounter such information. You are requested to use the contact form for that purpose.

Clause 7. Duration and termination of the contract

The contract is concluded for an indefinite period.

The contract may be terminated by 1001hry.cz and by you without any reasons and justification. The contract may be terminated by leaving the Website. After termination of the contract the following (parts of) clauses will remain effective:

- Clause 6. Liability

Article 7. Changes to these Terms of Use

1001hry.cz reserves the right to modify or supplement these Terms of Use.

Amendments will apply also to contracts already concluded with due observance of a term of 30 days after publication of the amendment on the Website. Minor amendments may be made at any time.

If you refuse to accept any amendment to these Terms of Use, you may terminate the contract up to the date on which the new terms and conditions will become effective.

Clause 8. Notice & Takedown procedure

1001hry.cz uses a procedure whereby owners of copyrights of games and other Website Users can report information that is provided or published that, in their opinion, is unlawful or undesirable.

If a complaint in the opinion of 1001hry.cz or its legal adviser is justifiable, 1001hry.cz will have the right to remove the material or make it inaccessible. 1001hry.cz is also entitled to provide your personal details to the person reporting or to the competent authority if you have posted or seem to have posted the material in question. 1001hry.cz will inform you about the progress of this procedure.

Where possibly punishable information is concerned, 1001hry.cz will have the right to report this to the police. 1001hry.cz may hand over all relevant information about you and other potentially relevant User (s) to the competent authorities and may carry out all other acts that such authorities request 1001hry.cz to carry out within the framework of their investigation.

In case of repeated complaints about the information provided by you, 1001hry.cz will have the right to terminate the Contract and to deny you access to the Website.

You will indemnify 1001hry.cz for all claims for compensation for damage resulting from the above. 1001hry.cz is not liable for any damage, whatever its nature, that you suffer as a result of an intervention by 1001hry.cz within the framework of the complaints procedure, not even if the complaint proves to be unjustifiable and if the information is not in contravention of Dutch law

Clause 9. Final provisions

The contract is governed by Dutch law.

Insofar as the rules of mandatory law do not prescribe otherwise, all disputes that may arise from the contract will be submitted to the competent Dutch court in Zwolle.

Partial invalidity: If a provision of the contract and/or the Terms of Use is proven to be invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the other provisions of the contract / Terms of Use.
Parties to the agreement will adopt (a) new provision (s) for replacement, which will be as much as possible of similar effect as the provision(s) replaced.


If, after reading our Terms of Use, you may have any questions, complaints or remarks about these Terms of Use, please do not hesitate to contact us. You are requested to use the contact form for that purpose.

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